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The Dayo Israel Leadership Network

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The Dayo Israel Leadership Network is a group of next generation leaders who like Dayo, has a passion to affect ambitious social, political and economic change. The network is a group of change makers devoted to exploring their God given potential and talent to the fullest through mentorship, collaboration and action.

The Network’s events inspire new levels of thinking through stimulating debates, renowned speakers and peer problem solving discussions. The Dayo Israel Leadership Network also creates opportunities for young and mid-career professionals to enhance their leadership skills and prepare them to become the next generation of leaders in Africa.

With your membership, you get access to cutting edge change leadership resources, events and other opportunities for exposure. The Network helps deepen Dayo’s commitment to mentorship and support efforts to cultivate the next generation of African leaders.


Members Benefit:

Members will benefit from exposure and access to Dayo’s global network of accomplished leaders in all sectors and from every region of the world.

As a Member, you have an excellent opportunity not only to enhance your own leadership skills, but also to develop new friendships and enhance your understanding of Africa’s Leadership issues.


Vision: A vibrant global network of the next generation of Africa’s young leaders will be created through mentorship.



We are passionate about 3 things

  1. The Future of Africa
  2. Personal Development and Growth
  3. Fostering Collaboration


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